How FormTap Works


What are our goals

We know the barriers to entry surrounding product development and getting ideas to market. Our goal is to empower everyone to get their products tested and made. To that end we provide the training resources needed to get you going.

We want everyone to get their ideas built and that starts with you!


What we look for


Our Beta products are made using on demand manufacturing(3D printing, lasercutting, CNC, etc) so the closer a model is to complete the better.


No gold crusted, diamond studded products here. Everything we make is meant to be scalable. The simpler a product is the better it is.

If you have questions email


What do you get from all this?

We will take your product idea, test, manufacture and sell it. We do this as a way to generate revenue for us as well as you the designer.

  • We tell your story to the world-your way

  • Our community helps to prove your product as viable

  • We deal with all the logistics, negotiating and manufacturing

  • We work with you to build out your product portfolio

  • You receive 30% of Net Revenue

We also recommend reading our terms and conditions.