We are here to empower creators and innovators to build the companies and products they have always dreamed of. As technology changed the ideation process has not. With 3D printing we can bring products to market in days, not months and certainly not years.

No matter what you read below, the above will remain true.

3D printing is changing the world, whether we recognize it or not. Currently everything from Jet Engines to human organs are being printed at an industrial level, but at a consumer level not much has happened.

Why do we have to wait until an idea has been proven profitable to bring it to the masses? Why do designers have to launch products only to find that all their research and planning was wrong?

Typically product designers go through hundreds of designs before they even get one to market. Even when they finally get to bring one to market more than 50% of those products fail. In an age where you can make custom nike shoes at the click of a mouse, why do we still go about launching products the old way?

For this reason we set out to build FormTap.

Using 3D printing to prove a products viability. We work with designers to bring their unused ideas to market. Having brought many products to market ourselves, we obsess over every detail of every idea. Our goal is to have no idea go untested.

Once a product shows promise our team helps iterate the product, handling every necessary step along the way. We're here to empower creators and our platform is the tool to help them succeed -Their ideas, their brand, their way.

Call us futurists, we believe in the power of technology to push our world forward in a positive way.

We want to change the world and we will do that by building every idea we can find. We are bridging the gap between ideation and creation.

We are FormTap.