Back in 2014 Peter Ragonetti was the design director at Kikkerland. Viktor Jondal was running his own design firm and submitted a product to Kikkerland that was sold at Bed Bath and Beyond. After working together on a few projects for Kikkerland; they were talking about 3D printing and how it was changing the product development process. Viktor presented a flexible build plate that would drastically alter the ease of use for 3D printers. After 2 successful KickStarters and over 3000 units sold to 70 countries they decided to try and tackle the product problem in 3D printing. 

FormTap began life as a secure download site for a curated selection of 3D prints. The goal being to finally get all their non-manufactured products out into the world. The solution was well built but did not pick up traction and soon they decided to focus on the Fleks3D plate and allowed FormTap to lay until they found a better solution.

In mid 2016 James McArthur met Peter and Viktor to talk through selling the Flexible build plate. Through the conversation they decided to revisit FormTap and make the concept work. After interviewing with 3D printing enthusiasts, makers and designers they decided that it would be best to rebuild it as a product company built around design. The core team recognized the disparity between the current way products are built and how it should be with the current technology.

"Many designers have hundreds of products sitting on the sidelines," says James McArthur "There is a massive opportunity if we can help them bring even a fraction of those ideas to market."

FormTap is being reborn as a designer driven product company. Our one goal is to get designers ideas off the sidelines and into the hands of users. In a world where the needs of the consumer are getting more and more specialized the nature of product development needs to change. These are products for everyone designed by people who are obsessed with design and product.