Nikolaus Georgantas

Hello my name is Nikolaos Georgantas. I am originally from Greece but for the time being I live in Brooklyn, NY. I am an Industrial Designer with a background in Graphic Design. For me design stands for D for deepE for efficiencyS for scope , I for innovationG for green and N for need. These words may not make much sense by themselves, however if you place the word Industrial next to them they start to relate and build an image. That image is what I call “good design”. When I design I look deeper than just the visual part by asking myself, “how can it be more efficient”. Then I review the reason “why am I doing this?”, “what new aspect am I applying to this design?” and “what is its footprint towards the environment?”. Most designers by now assume they have a good design, however there is a crucial question missing, “Why does society need your design?”. I live by those questions because as an Industrial designer I feel responsible to shape the way we think, behave and make an impact on the world.

My Work