Are you Professional Designer? 

Do you have simple product ideas that you haven't had time to launch? 

Has it been built in a CAD program that can output in .STL?

Can it be optimized for Additive Manufacturing in Plastic, Metal or Ceramic? 

We invite you to share up to 10 designs on where all you have to do is upload your design and we will handle the rest. We will list it, promote it and provide it for sale. Anytime one of your designs is ordered, we will handle the manufacturing and shipping. If your design is popular enough, our team will help bring it market through crowdfunding and mass manufacturing! 

As Professional Designers ourselves we know how many ideas get lost in the cracks and stuck in the stacks of concepts. Why do all these great ideas go untested in the consumer market. We know why, time and upfront costs. At FormTap we reduce this barrier by using additive manufacturing to test the market and crowdfunding to take it to mass production. So dig up those old ideas and list them on FormTap and let us prove we can get products to the masses faster.

FormTap, No Product Idea Left Behind. 

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